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Vehicle Survival Kit

Vehicle Survival Kit

Every driver should carry a survival kit in his or her vehicle. Here are some important items to consider:  

·    Booster cables. The thicker the better. Look for four or six-gauge cables.  

·    Vehicle fluids. These include windshield washer fluid, gas-line antifreeze, motor oil,  transmission oil, power steering fuel, brake  fluid, anti-freeze, and rags for wiping dipsticks so fluid  levels can be checked  properly.  

·    An approved container able to hold up to  four litres of gasoline.  

·    Emergency flares. If you ever have to use them, remember to place them at least 15  metres away from your car to give other drivers adequate warning of the problem.  

·    Sand, salt or kitty litter during winter. This comes in handy when stuck and wheels are  spinning on ice.  

·    Emergency food and water pack.  

·    Shovel and axe or hatchet.  

·    A mini air compressor to help inflate a flat tire and/or puncture seal gels.  

·    A tire gauge for measuring the air pressure  in your tires.  

·    Spare fuses. Carry an assortment that includes at least one of 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 35 and 30 amp fuses.  

·    A flashlight and spare batteries.  

·    Tool kit, including a good quality screwdriver set with a flat head, Phillips head, Robertson head, and Torx head, pliers, small hammer, utility knife, ratchet socket set, a four-way wrench, Vice-Grip pliers, seatbelt cutter, rolls of electrical and duct tape.

·    First aid kit  

·    A blanket (the special "survival" blankets are best)  

·    An emergency candle and camping matches  

·    Road maps  

·    Ice scraper and brush  

·    Fire extinguisher (ABC type)  

·    Tow rope  

·    Whistle  

Always remember to keep your vehicle serviced regularly. Keep your gas tank at least half full. Drive carefully!

Information taken from the Public Safety Canada website @ www.getprepared.gc.ca/index_e.asp


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