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St. Charles Fire Department



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St. Charles Fire Department

Fire Chief, James Bertoia



11 St. Joseph St., St. Charles








11 St.Joseph Street  
St. Charles, Ontario
P0M 2W0

   They are dispatched through 9-1-1. 

Fire Department Application  

Facts About Smoke Alarms

Home Fire Escape Plan

Fire Department Pictures


New By-Law Regarding Fires in St.-Charles

Below you will find by-law 2012-16 “Being a by-law to provide for the Prevention and
Spreading of Fires within the Municipality”. The Main changes are as follows:

-       You no longer need an incinerator to purchase a yearly pass; can be a stone fire pit etc.

-       Yearly pass is $50.00 ( HST included)

-       Daily pass is $5.00 (HST included)

-       Daily passes can be issued for a maximum of 5 days (previously 2 days)






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