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Outdoor Survival Kit

Outdoor Survival Kit

When going on outdoor excursions, whether it be summer or winter, take along a basic outdoor survival kit in case of emergency.  You should be sure to have:  

·    Matches (in a waterproof container)  

·    Orange plastic garbage bags (to keep you warm and dry)  

·    High-energy snacks (granola bars or trail mix)  

·    Whistle  

·    Pocket knife  

·    Compass (know how to use it!)  

·    Lightweight survival blanket  

·    Reflector or hand mirror (for signalling)  

·    Insect repellent  

·    Antibiotic ointment  

·    Plastic bandages 

Be sure to replenish your kit at least once a year! 

 Information taken from the Public Safety Canada Website @ www.getprepared.gc.ca/index_e.asp

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