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The Municipality of St.-Charles, along with its residents, asks everyone to help protect our natural resources and all the local species found in the area










Lake Nipissing In the News

Lake Nipissing Summit - Leaders and community discuss a unified vision for Lake Nipissing 


Save Lake Nipissing

Save Lake Nipissing is an organization of home owners on the West Arm of Lake Nipissing who are concerned with the deteriorating state of the Lake. The year 2010 noticed some of the lowest water levels recorded in five years, and there were alarming levels of blue-green algae

To read more please visit www.savelakenipissing.ca




Mashkinonje Provincial Park

Come visit this beautiful park located near St.-Charles!






Save Lake Nipissing Conference!

The 2012 Lake Nipissing Summit will take place April 3rd and April 4th in North Bay. For more information, visit




Earth Hour

Earth Hour 2012




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