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2018 Municipal Elections

Certificate of Election Results

Click here to view the Certificate of Election Results (dated October 23rd, 2018).


Declaration of Election Candidate

Click here to view the Declaration of Election Candidate (dated October 23rd, 2018).


Voter Turnout

The 2018 Municipal Elections in the Municipality of St.-Charles saw a voter turnout of 49.83%. The total amount of voters was 877 out of 1760 total eligible voters.


Voting Method

The Municipality of St.-Charles utilized the Vote by Mail method of voting for the 2018 Municipal Elections which allowed electors to vote in the comfort of their home in a convenient and familiar setting.


Compliance Report

The Compliance Report sets out all candidates in the 2018 Municipal Elections in the Municipality of St.-Charles and indicates whether each candidate has complied with the filing requirements under the Muncipal Elections Act, 1996.

Click here to view the Compliance Report.


Financial Statements of Candidates

The financial statements of candidates in the 2018 Municipal Elections in the Municipality of St.-Charles are available below. To view the financial statements, click on the link provided next to each candidate's name.

Name of Candidate

(listed alphabetically by last name)


Financial Statements

BELANGER, Phil Mayor Financial Statement (Phil Belanger)
SCHOPPMANN, Paul Mayor Financial Statement (Paul Schoppmann)
AUSTIN, Allan Councillor Financial Statement (Allan Austin)
BRANCONNIER, Paul Councillor Financial Statement (Paul Branconnier)
KALBFLEISCH, Steven B Councillor N/A - Notice of Default issued
LAFLEUR, Jackie Councillor Financial Statement (Jackie Lafleur)
LAPLANTE, Karen Councillor Financial Statement (Karen Laplante)
LEMIEUX, Richard Councillor Financial Statement (Richard Lemieux)
LOFTUS, Monica Councillor Financial Statement (Monica Loftus)
MORCK, Ronald (Ron) Councillor Financial Statement (Ronald (Ron) Morck)


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